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Just Jedi (J.J.) is not associated with or connected by any other Jedi order, Temple, Church, Federation, Group or Project save our own interpretations of what it is to be a Jedi.

Be Motivated



Pace Your Steps

Just Jedi Training Program is a self motivated practice. There is no time frame, no masters, and no rules save one. 

What you put into your training is what you get back.

If you are new to Just Jedi and would like a guide. Kata Kitty will be happy to help!

Simply click on the button below

If you are ready to begin the J.J. Training you can either follow a step by step progression that takes all the core lessons provided here at Just Jedi and puts it into guided program for you to follow. 

But if you are more of a Free Stylist that likes to mix things up and do things your own way simply find the subjects below that speaks to you today and do your best! The Categories and Subjects are all in the guided program, just indexed out for easy find and access.


Which ever method you choose is completely up to you! Just Jedi respects and encourages all forms of practice.

Once you find today's lesson remember to study the material, put it into practice and record your results and thoughts within your own student Journal in the Member Journal Area. 



Learn (Or Refresh) yourself about the basics of training practices. This will also run you through a basic understanding on how to use this site and understand Jedi related terminologies and history


Learn about Critical & Logical thinking and how it can effect you and others throughout your interaction within the Community.


Study The Key Stones of Just Jedi

as well as the common core of Jedi Beliefs and practices


Learn how Just Jedi interprets and teaches about The Force, and discover your own interpretations as you go.


Here we look at some basic Meditation practices 


Learn with Kata Kitty about the physical art of motion through a basic yet fulfilling yoga routine.


Learn with Kata Kitty how fulfilling it can be to move our physical body into artistic postures and movements while connecting our minds, bodies and spirits with The Force.


Health & Wellness takes shape in all forms. Here are a few that is commonly questioned and shared.

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